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Dear ladies and sirs!

The furniture showroom MERX® is one from the largest furniture showrooms of Saint Petersburg. The showroom offers the production Ukraine factories representing all functional directions of furniture.

The success of the firm consists in the mandatory fulfillment of your orders in the scheduled terms. We delive only the furniture of high quality. We'll be glad to help you to choose the items according to your possibilities. Taking into account the interests of our customers, we do the design - project of your interior. According to your desire, our experts will deliver and assemble the furniture.

We can satisfy your desire of the first class furniture made be the most famous enterprises:
Studies of the chiefs of all ranks, conference halls, receiving chiefs, experts of firms (desktops, cabinets, computer desktops, seats, chairs, floor lamps, appliques etc.)

The furniture can be acquired from our warehouse in St.Petersburg. Delivery dates depend on the individual order - up to 1.5 months, from the warehouse - per day of purchasing.

All problems you are interested of (concerning dilers compensation andthe ways of cooperation), can be discussed during a personal meeting.

Eugene Karpov